Allen Becker - Consulting Meteorologist

Forensic Meteorological Consulting

Expert Witness / Court Testimony
I am a Certified Consulting Meteorologist specializing in forensic meteorologyI am an expert in researching weather/climate data and providing expert testimony.  I have prepared reports and given Court testimony and depositions on incidents involving fog, rain, hail, ice, wind, and storms.  My experience as a college/university instructor enhances my ability to explain difficult meteorological concepts to a jury. 

Some highlights include:

* Analysis of severe weather, wind, precipitation, hail, temperature, and moisture conditions for personal injury and structural failure cases (1992-2021).

* Court testimony/depositions involving wind and weather conditions (1992-2021).  In 1998, I worked with the Habush & Habush law firm in Milwaukee on the Miller Park "Big Blue" crane incident.

* Wind flow modeling and data processing for Richmond, California toxic cloud incidents (1993-94, 1999), for Unocal Oil Refinery long-term releases (1994-1996), and for Tosco Oil Refinery releases (1996-99).